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Proactive Accounting & Bookkeeping * Dental Practice Benchmarking * Practice Management Consulting
Comprehensive Best Practice Survey * Strategic Planning * Healthy Practice Policies
Team Management Guidelines * Practice Transitions * Payroll Services
"One in five Dental Practices are subjects of fraud.  Hiring an Accountant that knows your business is key to keeping the fraudster "weasel" from working you for all your worth.  Mike DeVries and his CPA firm get it!" - Bryant Truitt, MBA, CCS, CFE 
"Working with Bryant Truitt has been a game changer.  His passion for helping doctors prevent fraud and find the perpetrators really resonated with me.  I haven't come across another professional in 30 plus years of working in the business of Healthcare that is a better resource." - Michael L. DeVries, CFP®, CHBC, EA
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